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RBS is the biggest media company in the south of Brazil. At the beginning of 2013, they decided to invest in a huge digital transformation that forced the entire company to redesign the products and services experience.

One of the main redesign projects was the Zero Hora's App, it was the main goal because ZH (stands for Zero Hora) was the RBS Group most relevant product.

amp template


Beyond the redesign experience, we had the target to increase the attraction of the product and turn the app the reference in online news in the south of Brazil, always remembering to build a product that is unique, memorable, fluid and easy to use.

And the new mantra was, in that new experience, all the initiatives, solution and features had to be aligned with the user's needs.


Co-creation Workshop

Based on previous researches in the UX works, we understand that the best way to initiate this project would be to run a cocreation Workshop that would have to provide us better vision and ideas to create hypothesis.

Personas definitions in the previous workshops

Using the User Journey


Another important decision was the uses of the user journey work that our team made to our strategic plan.

This tool helped us decide what was the best scenario and cases to build the hypothesis prototypes.

Concept Design and Prototype

As an important project for the company, we decide to develop 3 hypothesis of the solution to test with users. All the ideas came from the workshop sessions.

Look likes a crazy idea, but it was certantly the best way to achieve the brief's targets. 


Usability Test

To apply the test we chose our UX lab inside the company, that had a mirror room with all the equipment to get the best approach in the test.

And we picked a mix of subscribers who had a more active profile on the company platforms to help us decide what hypothesis fits better in the project continuity.


Final version

After the Usability Tests, we were able to decide wich way to go. And then, the Interaction Design and User Interface works started.

Below is possible to see some deliverables of this step of the process.

Screen Flow
Style Guide
Sales campaing for internet

Brand Changing

2 year ago the ZH newspaper brand changed, they connected their effort with Radio Gaúcha, a biggest RBS Group's radio station with the intention to attend the consumer's interest.


There is the product's final version already with the new brand.


+ 15k

Downloads in the lauch month
The old app had only 2k downloads. 


Subscribers navigating signed in
The average percentage of subscribers using the connected app was +/- 30%.

-/+ 30 min

Time using the App
Old users used on average 6 min.


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